“You provide clear directions or steps one should pursue when clarity is needed. This is important to me because your help has attributed towards my ability to live a healthier lifestyle. You assist with putting out fires in ones life and you provide encouragement to stay focused. ”

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Teaching kids about money: passing good money habits to the next generation.

American families are more busy than ever keeping up with our fast-paced and technologically
connected world. However, even parents who have become experts in multitasking still have fond
childhood memories of the values that kept their family 
connected, conveyed life lessons of
frugality, and taught the benefits of cooking healthy meals.

Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids is all about kids and money. It features teachable ideas and family traditions parents can implement with ease and that their children will enjoy. Studies show parents play an important role in the future financial well-being of their children. The pre-kindergarten age is not too early to start teaching kids about moneyand instill responsible financial behavior. Young people are exposed to powerful marketing targeted at them on television and the internet. Despite earning money from chores or a job, they often overspend — with many building up a debts in their teen years. Teaching kids about money is crucial.

Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids allows for practical ways to teach kids about money in everyday situations. Parents will be able to effectively teach the basics of money management including budgeting for kids, earning, spending, saving, charitable giving, borrowing, and protecting. Each recipe presents multiple activities to engage young people — at different ages and with different learning needs — in a variety of real-life learning experiences with money. The included hands-on learning materials are simple to prepare, and there are helpful tips, tools and website references that include additional downloadable materials.

Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids is engaging, inspiring and relevant. Place your order now!

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Model Good Money Habits and Healthy Eating
Take a Break for Money Talks
Show and Tell: Basic Money Concepts I
Show and Tell: Basic Money Concepts II
Buy with Cash, Do the Money Math
What We Need vs. What We Want
Money Management and Life Skills
Together, Let’s Cut the Household Spending
Create a Kid’s Budget: Spending, Saving & Sharing
Organize Your Family’s Charitable Giving


“Your seminars were both informative and beneficial in many ways to our employees. As always, for those times that you were the guest speaker, in addition to the times you put together seminars for other speakers, it's all been a positive experience for our employees.”

Sharon Jones is a financial expert and trusted financial educational advisor to many leading companies,
national organizations & educational institutions.  Hear what they have to say about their work together.

Sharon Jones, Financial Expert & Author of
"Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids"

Finally, Teaching Your Kids About Money
is EASY with this family-friendly "Money Recipe" book!

Develop a Savings Goal and Head to the Bank
Get Prepared for a Rainy Day
Why Not Talk About Money Over Dinner
Use Allowance as a Money Management Tool
Make Earning Extra Money Workable
Avoid Debt Traps
It’s a Loan, Not a Handout
Offer Rewards and Incentives That Turn into Savings
Shop Smart, Be Smart, Look Smart
Plan Family Happy Hour: Eat-in Money Savers

Table of Contents
Relevant money management topics that are truly easy to teach your kids!

Sharon B. Jones is a personal finance expert, educator and
motivational speaker. A “Financial Life Coach” who is mission
driven to help people succeed. With more than 25 years as
a licensed and certified financial professional, Sharon has
a passion to see lives transformed and has been the
motivating factor for many individuals and families to turn their financial setbacks into spiritual and financial victories. She has been recognized by former President Bush’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy for co-facilitating their first White House Roundtable on Financial Literacy and national initiatives to promote better money management skills in America. Her dedicated work contributed to the development of the Council’s first Annual Report to the President. She has worked at some of the largest financial institutions.  
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Recipe$ for Rewards and Incentives... "Parents can give monetary rewards for good grades, which is not a new tradition in many families. It is also not uncommon thinking that earning good grades is their children’s work. What may be new for parents is teaching children about variable compensation. Taking this approach, some money would be saved (10%), some shared (10%), and the rest would go toward spending. Another option is to create a matching savings incentive based on an agreed fixed amount that your child earns and saves and deposits into a bank account."

Recipe$ for learning about Loans...(Not Handouts!) "What if your child is short a few dollars to buy something that he or she wants, and asks you for the difference? You can opt to become your child’s first lender and let him or her experience first-hand what it means to buy now and pay later."

Recipe$ for Rainy Days... "It’s important to help your child understand that unexpected events happen and cause expenses that are not included in the family budget. Discuss how you prepare for an emergency and save for a rainy day. When things happen that are unforeseen, it can be upsetting. Remember to keep calm and speak to your child in age-appropriate language."

"As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher and primary role model. Studies show that parents have the most powerful influence over children’s attitude, behavior, and values. Let your child see how you shop wisely and prepare healthy meals for your family at home."

Family-Friendly Money Recipe$ for Kids provides easy, step-by-step ways that you can teach your kids about credit, budgeting, and money management.

Featured "Recipe$" include:

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